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At Merchant Tailor we want to help reduce landfill and clean our planet and oceans of damaging waste.


Merchant Tailor offers sustainable solutions including: recycled fabric sourcing, design and manufacture of apparel and accessories.


In addition, Merchant Tailor can provide recycling initiatives.


· Plastic waste collection and recycling to produce fabric.

· Recycling and reprocessing of apparel and other goods at the end of their present life to create new garments or goods.


Whilst customers often come to us with a specific requirement for the design and manufacturer of sustainable goods, many are interested in our ability to offer a fully circular process. This covers the collection and recycling of waste into yarns and fabric, to be ten made into branded products.

With our partners and certified factories, we produce fabric and products that incorporate up-cycled materials from landfill and ocean waste to offer end to end recycling.  

Waste collection

Recycling into yarn

Weaving or knitting into fabric

Manufacture into goods

Reprocess at the end of their life




restoring the natural enviroment 

Restoring the Natural Environment 

Through our more sustainable recycling and manufacturing processes, of using more textile waste as a material resource, by diverting it from landfill and ocean dumping, combining it with the recycling of plastic waste, produces low measurable damaging environmental impacts. In addition, by being less dependent on virgin materials, using less water and chemicals, and by reducing our CO2 emissions and energy usage, goes some way with our mission to restore a healthy natural balance.  


By producing more environmentally friendly fabrics and products, that can be used for all areas of your accessory and apparel collections, will give your customers the knowledge that they are choosing an option that  supports the mission to help protect and restore our planet....

our only home.

Environmentally friendly sourcing


Up-cycled Cotton / Recycled Plastic 



A classic blend of up-cycled cotton and

post-consumer RPET bottles, designed for 

comfort and all types of fashion applications.


Mixed Recycled Plastic Fabrics



A high performance yarn designed for technical applications. A wicking, breathable and quick-dry blend of RPET bottles and up-cycled cotton.



Recycled Ocean Fabric


Recycled polyester yarn made from recycled materials recovered from the sea, which contributes to preserving natural resources and reducing the waste in the planet’s oceans.



DESIGN & manufacture


We specialise in high frequency (sonic) print for logos, which in our opinion gives a fantastic look. However, with several styles to choose from, and the option to be made from our various recycled fabrics, we can customise every detail unique to your brand.


Bringing sustainable fabrics into apparel is a great addition to any brand. Mixed eco cotton and recycled plastic or 100% recycled plastic polyester.  We have many styles available to choose from, including custom options.


Our canvas is made from 100% recovered plastic. With many styles, sizes and finishes, including UV protection, this makes a great option to a brand collection. 


With the option to be made from 100% recycled fabrics. we have many styles of backpacks to choose from. Alternatively, we can work on bespoke, custom designs for you. 


Whether you have your own designs in mind or not, together we can advise and create on how to fully customise every detail to make your product as unique as your brand.

Bespoke UP-recycling initiatives



Our model for a circular brand economy, is based upon the management and up-recycling of different forms of consumer plastic waste in our environment and turning it intro creditable product lines.

We help you create a bespoke sustainability strategy, that will  ensure responsible and sustainable management of your waste, made into creditable products. Most importantly, we help uncover and integrate the right environmental and community-led campaigns to align with the values of your company, clients, audience, and stakeholders

We can re-engineer recycled PET plastic waste from your location & make premium Recycled Products from it.





PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) 


Our system for a ‘circular brand economy’, encompasses traceable sourcing and production processes, where we up recycle materials like tencel cotton and polyester garments and turn it into new yarns and fabrics for creditable new lines.

We work with you and our manufacturing partners to design a unique model of up-cycling textiles and garments taken from deposits or collections and put into our recycling. The garments are cut, shredded and spun into valuable new recover yarns and then into new fabrics. These are then made into long-lasting quality garments, for virtually every design and application in your range.

Like all garments, they will eventually wear-out, at which point they can be returned back to the up-cycled system, thus completing the ‘circular brand economy’  




iCONIC Golf is our official golf partner, responsible for all golf related MT activity. 

Working with EAV on our circular economy clean up initiatives.

Electric Assisted Vehicles Limited is a new generation vehicle design, engineering and manufacturing company in the rapidly growing zero-emissions vehicles industry.  We want to make transport as environmentally friendly as possible with no loss of efficiency or capability to businesses.

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